Our debut fund raised a total of USD 40 million to address some of the most pertinent problems of our food system. We employ a disciplined investment approach built on sourcing under-the-radar start-up companies. We believe in start-up companies that address the bottlenecks and persistent issues that are crucial for our food and feed systems — where the impact on the food system, and consequently the return on investment, will be the greatest. At VisVires New Protein, we focus on the must-haves, not the good-to-haves.

We typically invest between USD 300K to USD 3 million in Seed to Series C start-up companies from all around the world. We have since deployed capital in 7 exciting start-up companies, namely Ynsect (France), Nuritas (Ireland), Mitte (Germany), In Ovo (Netherlands), ViAqua (Israel), Nutrition Innovation (Singapore) and Aleph Farms (Israel).