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14 December 2022

Smoke & mirrors, carbon credits are impractical, said farmers

While carbon credits provide farmers with some additional income, these payments do not justify the extra expense of compliance ...


6 September 2022

Farmers face plague of pests as soil temperatures raises

Researchers warn that every 2 degree Celsius of warming would boost the number and appetite of pests globally ...


27 January 2022

China’s new 5-year plan is a blueprint for the future of meat

For the first time, China included cell-cultured meats and other “future foods” like plant-based eggs as part of its blueprint for food security going forward ...


22 September 2021

The race to stop fish becoming the next factory farming nightmare

If the history of farming has taught us anything, it is that intensifying livestock production comes with major drawbacks ...


15 September 2020

Earth's biodiversity is still collapsing

A collapse of our biodiversity will not only wipe out beloved species and invaluable genetic diversity, but also threaten our food supply, health and security ...


8 October 2019

Silicon Valley is trying out a new mantra: Make a profit

Start-up investors are warning of a reckoning after the stumbles of some high-profile "unicorns." The new mantra: making a profit and not solely growth ...


10 December 2018

0.16 square kilometres of land is lost to development every hour

While there is no quick fix to land conservation and returning the land to agriculture, there is comfort in knowing that there is currently a movement afoot to address on root of this issue ...


12 March 2018

The future of food

For the future of food, a global effort to transform agriculture for good is much needed ...


6 September 2017

How aquaculture could help meet global seafood demand

Using less than 0.015% of the world's ocean, aquaculture could potentially produce as much seafood as all of the world's wild marine fisheries ...


29 June 2017

Blockchain: the new technology of trust

By design, blockchain is resistant to data modification. It can potentially reinvent the way we transact from farm to fork. Although for now, there are still several unanswered questions ...


3 March 2017

Should we use CRISPR to domesticate wild plants?

CRISPR can create new GMO crops that appeal to the organic / non-GMO activists ... 


21 September 2016

UN leaders commit to act on antimicrobial resistance

World leaders signaled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistant to antimicrobial medicines ... 

joao-marcelo-marques-791496-unsplash (1)

20 June 2016

The future of agriculture

Insights into the opportunities and challenges facing the agriculture industry. The future of agriculture will not only have to encourage innovation but also embrace it ...

13 October 2015

5-Fold increase in animal protein consumption in China

China's increasing meat consumption has manifested itself in China losing its near self-sufficiency in key feedstocks; with impacts rippling globally ...  


25 May 2015

Your contribution to the California drought

The average American consumes more than 1,100 litres of California water each week by eating locally produced food ...


11 November 2022

The meat you eat is already fake

Worried about eating meat grown in a lab? Meat producers already use technology to transform every aspect of raising animals of food, including the animals themselves ...


13 July 2022

The crisis in Sri Lanka rekindles debate over organic farming

A full-scale transitioning into organic farming is not an easy feat. Agrochemicals enable stable and quick mass production of food ...


03 December 2021

Can moving beyond mimicking help avoid plant-based fatigue

Most consumers are not interested in mimicking. People instead want more novel experiences from the meat alternative category ...


03 June 2021

Big food hit pause on switching to natural food colours

Manufacturers point to a lack of consumer demand for swapping out artificial colours in brightly hued foods ...


20 August 2020

The meat we eat is a pandemic risk, too

If you actually want to create global pandemics, then build factory farms ...


4 July 2019

Beverage companies embrace recycling, until it costs them

Beverage companies have opposed 'bottle bills' – because it costs them far more than their concerns for our environment ...


12 November 2018

Opportunities in FoodTech across Southeast Asia

Join our Senior Partner, Dr Kenneth Lee, as he shares about some of the biggest opportunities in FoodTech today across Southeast Asia ...


23 January 2018

How the world's land is used

Not surprisingly, livestock accounts for the largest percentage of world's land used ...

29 August 2017

'Gluten-free water' shows absurdity of trend of labeling what's absent

While some labels provide useful information that is not readily detectable by consumers, others contain misleading claims that exploit a knowledge gap with consumers ...


22 May 2017

Farming the world: China's epic race to avoid a food crisis

Shifting diets have led China to rethink its food system; to be more sustainable in the long-run ... 


9 January 2017

How healthy food is inspiring big food companies

Nestlé looks for ways to boost stale growth as consumers snub unhealthy food; from lower calories sugar to healthier frozen food ...

17 September 2016

How vital fish stocks are being stolen from humans to feed animals

With soaring meat consumption around the world, fish stocks are being snatched from poorer countries and processed into fishmeal to feed farmed animals ... 


5 May 2016

Nestlé wants to sell you both sugary snacks and diabetes pills

Food can be the solution to our public health crisis. Perhaps in the next decade, a visit to the doctor might end with a prescription for a tasty snack ...


1 October 2015

How data science feeds into nutrition and health

The food we eat is a treasure trove of data ripe for analysis. The future of food is one where recommendations are constantly supported and re-evaluated by data ...


30 May 2014

10 things you need to know about the global food system

Here are some thought-provoking insights on our global food system and the imminent challenges ...


19 October 2022

Some people launder money, others launder cattle

On paper, the Brazilian Amazon is one of the most protected ecosystems. Yet year after year, satellites showed that the Amazon is shrinking – a large part due to cattle ranching ...


07 May 2022

The unknowable wonders of soil microbes

The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future ...


16 October 2021

Eco-friendly, lab-grown coffee is on the way, but it comes with a catch

Beanless brews can cut deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions dramatically – but what will happen to workers in traditional coffee-growing regions ...


06 April 2021

Plant-based food retail sales reaches USD 7 billion

The plant-based retail market grew at 27% over last year, almost two times greater than total retail food sales ...


8 May 2020

Spoiled milk, rotten vegetables and a very broken food system 

The coronavirus crisis demonstrates what is wrong with how the world feeds itself ...


5 June 2019

Over two decades, nothing has changed – child labour persists

Child labour in the cocoa industry has remained prevalent despite companies pledging to eradicate such slavery two decades ago; there has been zero consequence for missing these goals ...


17 April 2018

A cultural perspective on blockchain: the notion of trust

Blockchain will be a great tool for African entrepreneurs, but only if they make it their own ...


15 November 2017

A 100% organic agriculture could feed the planet in 2050

It is possible to feed more the nine billion people in 2050 with 100% organic farming; if food waste is reduced and consumption of animal products is limited ...


15 August 2017

Asian factory farms risk 'financial food poisoning' of global food

As factory farming in Asia surges, there will be more emissions, more epidemics, more abuse of antibiotics and more abuse of labour. Investors must step up to the plate ...


9 May 2017

Obama sees new front in climate change battle: Agriculture? 

Obama's first speech since leaving office: how can agriculture be used to address climate change ... 


9 November 2016

Does Australia hold the key to food security?

Conserving crop diversity, including the wild relatives of domesticated species, may be the key to creating a more resilient food system in the future ...


8 July 2016

Can tech money help real food scale up?

Where is the capital for investing in food and agriculture? While investments in food and agriculture may not seem super sexy (just for now), it is one sector that is in need of serious disruption ...


20 November 2015

Flying cows: Australian cattle board 747 to China

China's increasing demand for meat has led to some unexpected shipment from Australia ...


19 September 2015

The (fake) meat revolution

An overview of the innovations and promise in the field of cellular agriculture ...

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